clean pillows

a clean pillow

                      blessing buhril


i love

a clean pillow

where in her bosom

my weary head

find its rest

and where

the warmth of

a raw sunlight

i can smell


i love

a clean pillow

















                      blessing buhril


the game i already lose

the price i could never pay

the day i’ll never see

the life i’ll never live

the hands i’ll never hold

the lips i’ll never kiss again


day in and day out

i should quit pondering

of things that were

and of things that will never be.

forever goodbye

forever goodbye

                               – blessing buhril


and the rest

moves on

i know it’s a good thing


here I am

still and still


summer pass by

and winter too

and lately i realize

that i’ll have

to accept the fact

that there are things

which are not meant to be

and you know

it shudders me

to think

that our path

would never cross again

and that

this is already

forever goodbye…

say something

say something

                                                  – blessing buhril


when i look up the sky

            and don’t see the stars

when i look at the sign board

           and all is blank

when i look into reality

           and all i see is fiction

i lie on my bed

           and always dream awake


What are my eyes for Lord?

What are my ears for Lord?


I sit here standing

say something..

perhaps this evening

Please Lord say something.

mothers’ day

mothers’ day

                           – blessing buhril


if only we realize

that we’re the Mother

                           of the toxic air

                           of the poisoned river

                          of the felled trees

                          of the birds and the animals

                          that have become refugees

                          of this Earth

if only we realize

that we’re the Mother

                         of the abandoned peace

                        of the broken friendship

                        of the bitter brotherhood

                        of the forgotten smiles and laughter

if only we had realized

that we’re the Mother

this Mothers’ day would have

it would have made sense



                            blessing buhril

You are not my foe

and so I chose

not to fight you

I’ve thought about

what I should be doing

as I come along

when evening falls

and you start the scene

On evening like this

every time yes every time

it never takes long

for all my hopes

my dreams

to shatter

On evening like this

like everyone else

I easily tripped

walking the thin line


reason and emotions

And so

I’ve thought about

how I should fight back

bullet for bullet

anger for anger and

blood for blood

On evening like this

but I was wondering

if one could ever care

to listen

listen to that voice

that faintly whispers…

But courage

I don’t have it

and how much

I wish I could

I wish I would

gather enough courage

to listen to that faint voice

In the darkest of hour

does it make sense

to believe that

the only true revenge is..

to not..

to not avenge at all?



right here in this evening

I am telling you this


you are not my foe

and so I chose

not to fight you